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ARC Angel Status Request: The Most Useful Command “Activity?”

25th January 2017

The most useful command “Activity?”

Looking After An Elderly Relative: Picture This All Too Familiar Scenario

So, Mum’s been living on her own for a while now and you want to call her to see if she’s still okay for a shopping trip at the weekend…

She’s not quite as sprightly as she used to be but she’s keen to be seen to be coping, and you just know if you call her she’ll rush to answer the phone, with that ‘rush to answer’ probably being the most dangerous part of her day! How do you call her for a chat without putting her at more risk? How do you know your well-intentioned call isn’t going to catch her indisposed, or itself cause an accident in her rush to prove nothing has changed and not be too slow answering the phone!

Probably ARC Angel’s Most Useful Command!

The solution to that simple problem, and many more challenging ones, is ARC Angel. A wireless movement sensor in each room and a door sensor allow the system to monitor the movements around the home, know where your mum is and how long she’s been there, and to alert you by text to all sorts of potential problems, but it has an added side benefit too. Text it “Activity ?” and it will respond with the last five room changes in the home and how long she was in each room, even telling you how long she’s been out if she is indeed out. With ARC Angel you can check if Mum’s sitting in the lounge before you call, probably relaxing in her favourite chair, and definitely not standing there in a wet towel having rushed out of the bathroom!

ARC Angel Uniquely Provides A Clearance Text If A Situation Is Rectified

Always knowing which room your mum is in and how long she has been there; it checks continuously against simple rules set by text message from the carer’s mobile phone: more than an hour in the bathroom; out at night; freezing cold in a normally-used room; late to bed; too long in the lounge without making a tea or a bathroom visit or external doors left open. Any of the above and you get a warning text directly to your mobile phone and then you decide what action to take, if any. If you’re in the gym and don’t get to read that text message immediately; no worry, ARC Angel is the only device to also send you alert clearance messages. So by the time you do read your texts you may well have already been further notified: “Movement has now been detected in the Hall, Mum seems OK”.
…Phew, time for that skinny latte after all!

Creating Quality Time Together

With ARC Angel discreetly monitoring your loved one hour-by-hour, those hurried phone calls or rushed visits can instead be replaced by spending quality time together when it best suits you both!

Where to buy ARC Angel

ARC Angel is only available online at and rapid delivery to the UK mainland is free. For more advice and a brochure, call our UK-based Care Line on 01245 860252 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. There is a reduced price if the person you are caring for is eligible for VAT relief.

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