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The featured ARC Angel monitoring system can be securely ordered below

The ARC Angel monitoring system costs £779.00 for the featured standard package, which excludes the mobile network operator’s cost for standard rate text alerts to the assigned carer’s mobile. There is no additional charge for the monitoring service other than a monthly £3 premium rate text message to send technical data only to enable the manufacturer to check that your ARC Angel continues to operate correctly.

The standard package includes enough sensors for a small 1-bedroom flat typically comprising Front Door, Hall, Lounge, Bathroom, Bedroom and Kitchen. Additional movement and door sensors may be purchased for larger homes with normally-occupied extra rooms and more doors. Please visit our ARC Angel Options page to complete your requirements for the home being monitored.

To get started you will also need to purchase a Pay As You Go SIM card for the Hub from our preferred mobile phone network operator, or another operator of your choice if they offer better mobile phone coverage in the area of the dwelling being monitored. ARC Angel’s ready-to-go SIM card includes £20 credit and features an automatic top-up facility for your convenience and added peace of mind.

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The ARC Angel system has recently been renamed TEC-Angel (as mentioned in the video on the home page). So please proceed to the TEC-Angel website to place your order by clicking the order button below:

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