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+-What is ARC Angel and how does it work?

ARC Angel is a carer-configurable, elderly person monitoring and alert system for a single vulnerable person within a dwelling. Using a combination of movement and door sensors ARC Angel discreetly monitors changes in many normal daily activities and extremes of temperature in used rooms  in your relative’s home.  ARC Angel is solely a monitoring and alert system and is not directly linked to external agencies or the emergency services. It must not be relied upon as a life-saving device although a carer's actions as a result of a warning message might well be. If anything out of the ordinary occurs it will immediately alert you by sending friendly and meaningful texts to your mobile phone so that you can check that everything is okay. Examples of ARC Angel alerts include:

  • Your relative is either up-and-about earlier or out later than you might have expected.
  • They’ve spent more time than considered normal in any one room including the bathroom, where  worn bracelet and pendant alarms are often removed to a safe place.
  • Other alerts include nobody at home at night (wandering?), that the front door has been opened at night (unexpected visitors?) or simply left open.
  • That their sleep has been overly disturbed by excessive visits to the bathroom.

There are no intrusive cameras, microphones or online charts to check, but for your added peace of mind each movement and door sensor incorporates a panic alarm button to help your relative cope with ‘life’s little emergencies’ by sending an immediate warning alert to your mobile phone. Most times, a quick return call is all that’s needed to give them the reassurance they require.

+-Do I need a smart phone for ARC Angel to work?

No, initial configuration of the system and receipt of alerts can be accomplished via friendly and meaningful text messages to any mobile phone capable of receiving texts. You will definitely not need to download an ‘App’ to get started!

+-How do the sensors work?

Wireless sensors, similar to those used in intruder alarms, are activated as an elderly person moves around the five main rooms in their home. The information from the sensors is sent to the hub where it is checked against sensible pre-set parameters to determine whether or not we should send you a warning or potential emergency alert. The sensors also monitor extremes of temperature in used rooms and each sensor incorporates a non-intrusive silent panic alarm button which, when pressed by your relative, immediately sends a potential emergency alert to your mobile phone.

+-What is the best way to explain ARC Angel to my relative?

ARC Angel is a non-intrusive, elderly person automatic monitoring and alert system which, by its very nature, generally overcomes a lot of the resistance barriers often associated with the wearing of any bracelets, pendants or panic alarm buttons. Established living habits do not need to be changed and whilst there may be some initial resistance to having the system installed once up and running it quickly becomes part of the furniture and is reassuring to have around!

+-Where can I buy ARC Angel?

ARC Angel can only be bought online at but you are more than welcome to enquire beforehand or request a brochure by calling our UK-based Care Line on 01245 860252.

+-What is included in the cost of the ARC Angel monitoring system?

Your ARC Angel standard package will include: 5 wireless room sensors; 1 wireless door sensor; communications hub with three-pin power supply lead; adhesive fixing strips with some spares; a complete set of sensor batteries and a comprehensive printed User Guide for easy self-installation. Additional movement and door sensors are available to order and each ARC Angel system can support up to eleven movement sensors and up to four separate door sensors.

+-What is not included in the cost of the ARC Angel monitoring system?

Excluded in the initial cost of the standard package is:

  • The purchase of a Pay As You Go SIM card for the hub from our preferred mobile phone network operator, or another operator of your choice if they offer better mobile phone coverage in the area of the dwelling being monitored.
  • From that point on the only ongoing cost is keeping enough credit on the SIM card for sending warning and emergency alert texts (at your chosen operator's standard rate) to the designated carer's mobile phone, and a monthly £3 premium rate text message from the hub to the manufacturer, Essex-based Arc Informatics Ltd, which allows them to check that ARC Angel continues to operate correctly.

+-Do I have to pay VAT?

Yes, prices are shown inclusive of VAT. If the elderly person you are monitoring is chronically sick or disabled they may be eligible for VAT relief. You can check the conditions for eligibility on the HMRC website and claim on their behalf. If you decide to order you’ll need to complete a brief declaration at the time which we have to keep for inspection.


+-Can I try ARC Angel before deciding to make my purchase?

We are confident that ARC Angel can provide peace of mind for you and your relative, but despite being purposely non-intrusive it sometimes takes a while to overcome the initial resistance barrier to its installation. You have the option to return ARC Angel, ‘as new’ in its original packaging, within 14 days of receipt for a full refund.

+-What are my delivery options?

We only use selected rapid couriers and do not charge for delivery to the UK mainland. Order now and normally ARC Angel will be with you from stock in two working days.

+-What is ARC Angel’s Returns Policy

Our customers have the option to return ARC Angel, 'as new' in its original packaging, within 14 days of receipt and receive a full refund of the purchase cost. Our friendly UK-based Care Line on 01245 860252 will advise you of the returns procedure.

+-How do I install ARC Angel?

The wireless movement and door sensors should be fixed in place at chest height as shown in the User Guide using the removeable adhesive fixing strips supplied. The hub will require a three-pin power supply at a place in your relative’s home where good mobile phone reception is available and ideally in a central location.

+-Does my relative need a landline or a mobile phone?

Not necessarily. Whilst you may prefer to make that reassuring return call to your relative’s landline or mobile if you receive a warning or potential emergency alert text to let you know if things are not quite as expected, you could always ask a friendly neighbour to pop in instead. ARC Angel’s standalone hub containing your purchased SIM card provides a mobile phone-like connection to send outgoing standard rate warning and potential emergency alert texts to your mobile phone and a monthly £3 premium rate text to the manufacturer, Essex-based Arc Informatics Ltd, to allow them to check that ARC Angel is still operating correctly.

+-Will ARC Angel work in an area with poor mobile reception?

Mobile phone reception is improving all the time, but there may still be some areas where a particular mobile network operator provides superior coverage in the place where the elderly person being monitored lives. You are free to purchase the Pay As You Go SIM card option that best serves the area of the dwelling being monitored.

+-Can ARC Angel see or hear what is going on?

No, there are no prying cameras or microphones nor are there any websites to check, activity graphs to monitor or call centre or social services involvement. The hub provides the manufacturer, Essex-based Arc Informatics Ltd, with technical data only on a monthly basis via a £3 premium rate text message to enable them to check that ARC Angel continues to operate correctly. All activity data remains safely within the hub in the home being monitored.

+-Can more than one carer receive alerts from ARC Angel?

Yes, handover from one carer to another simply requires the exiting carer to text a sign-off to ARC Angel and the incoming carer to text a sign-on. In addition to a main carer, an ancillary carer can also receive messages, but not change ARC Angel’s settings.

+-What happens if my relative goes away or leaves the house?

ARC Angel’s unique combination of movement and door sensors enables the system to safely conclude that there is nobody at home, but if in any doubt it will send a friendly warning alert to confirm what you probably already know!

+-Can ARC Angel be used if more than one person is living in the house?

No, ARC Angel is a discreet standalone monitoring system to help a single vulnerable person, either elderly, infirm, disabled or with memory problems, to stay safe and stay put in the comfort of their own home for longer without losing their independence and privacy.

+-What happens if there is a power cut in my relative’s house?

ARC Angel’s hub continues to provide protection for several hours in the event of a prolonged power cut. An alert is sent if the hub is unplugged from the mains power, but this reaction is delayed by a couple of minutes to avoid unnecessary concerns in the event of a momentary power cut.

+-Where can I get replacement batteries from?

Just about anywhere! ARC Angel movement sensors require 2 x AA and the door sensors 2 x AAA batteries. They must be alkaline type batteries as the low battery detector is specifically set for them. Alkaline type batteries are preferred for the longest possible operation and should last in excess of a year. It is also recommended that a recognised and trusted brand is used.

+-Is the information that ARC Angel collects secure?

We have strict security measures in place to protect your personal data as required under the Data Protection Act 1998 and set out in our Privacy Policy. No activity data leaves the dwelling being monitored except by text messages, mostly as warning and potential emergency alerts to the designated carer. Once a month, a technical summary text is sent to the manufacturer, Essex-based Arc Informatics Ltd, to allow them to check ARC Angel is still operating correctly. All activity data remains in the home within the hub and there are no 'racks of computers' or third parties remotely analysing your loved one's movements.