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Elderly Woman In Essex Saved By An Angel

7th November 2016

Thank goodness for angels eh? Where would 86-year-old Doreen Mann have been in the recent news story if her regular waitress hadn’t acted like an angel, and having missed her in the café for a few days gone to find her [somewhat luckily knowing her address]? To be honest, after four days she was pretty lucky to be found alive let alone unhurt, so where was that vulnerable person’s call button or tracking wristband while she was stuck in the bath? Well, the story doesn’t tell us if she even had one, but like many older folk especially in the bathroom, the most vulnerable place of all, it’s generally placed somewhere high and safe so it wouldn’t get wet or damaged and cost money to replace!

Why pendants and bracelets are not always the best caring solutions

The thing is that not every care solution is best answered by a call button or a tracker wristband! Aside from the fallibility of those devices, some vulnerable people simply don’t want to acknowledge they might need help every morning when they should put on that pendant or bracelet. Some Alzheimer’s patients might forget the recently introduced change of routine needed to charge it up overnight and wear a tracking wristband every single day. The reality is that there’s a lack of awareness about the availability of reliable high-tech solutions, solutions that are readily available today! Furthermore, solutions that don’t require elderly people to change their lifelong routines or begrudgingly admit to themselves every morning that they need help by putting on the `call button of vulnerability`. Mrs Mann may generously have been provided with a mobile phone, but its effectiveness is still dependent upon the action of the person at risk.

Monitor the home – not the elderly person!

ARC Angel is one such solution; a monitoring and alert system fitted to the home not the person, and warns a carer of changes of routine of that person around the home, changes possibly caused by a fall or being stuck in the bath! A wireless movement sensor in each room monitors the home; it can tell where they are and how long they have been there and whether they are in or they are out. The carer sets the alert criteria, and ARC Angel sends them a text if anything out of the ordinary occurs.

No fuss, monitoring centre or care agency involvement

Not every alert is an emergency of course and elderly people are terrified of causing a scene and hate to make a fuss. No one wants to talk to a monitoring centre or an ambulance to arrive on blue lights simply because they’ve spent an unusually long time in the bathroom! With ARC Angel the carer gets a warning text message and they the carer can then decide what to do; firstly by asking ARC Angel for an Activity report to see the latest movements around the home and then deciding what action to take, if any.

Happy ever after!

How nice, when ARC Angel tells the carer that Mum is safely out of the bathroom and ready to get a call from their daughter, “Hello Mum, I just thought I’d call and see how you are today?”. In many cases, complete peace of mind for families for less than the cost of one week’s stay in a care home! Meanwhile, we all rejoice in the caring action of the real-life angel in this Essex news story and raise a glass to the indomitable Mrs Mann. Cheers!

Where to buy ARC Angel

The ARC Angel panic alarm for the elderly is only available online at and rapid delivery to the UK mainland is free. For more advice, call our UK-based Care line on 01245 860252 9am-5pm Mon-Fri. There is a reduced price if the person you are caring for is eligible for VAT relief.

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