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A typical sensor layout...

A typical sensor layout…

About ARC Angel


ARC Angel is a carer-configurable, elderly person monitoring and alert system for a single vulnerable individual within a dwelling, requiring only the carer to have a mobile phone capable of receiving text messages. It is designed to assist and extend independent living for the elderly, infirm, disabled or those with memory problems within the community and brings with it peace of mind for guardians and carers alike. With growing concerns about the potential loss of your inheritance, sometimes it’s not only a case of looking after your loved one’s health and wellbeing, but also their financial best interests too! ARC Angel could make the difference between your loved one going into care or continuing to live in their own home for as long as possible.



ARC Angel comes with a comprehensive printed User Guide for easy self-installation without any professional help and each system includes 5 wireless movement sensors and 1 wireless door sensor for location at chest height in the five most used rooms such as Hall, Lounge, Kitchen, Bedroom, Bathroom and the main exit of your relative’s home, typical of a 1-bedroom flat. Additional movement and door sensors are available to order for larger or more complex installations and each ARC Angel system can support up to eleven movement sensors and up to four separate door sensors.

Warning Alerts


Discreet movement sensors are placed in the rooms that your relative uses most often and also the main exit door from their home. ARC Angel will text your mobile phone if anything out of the ordinary occurs such as excessive visits to the bathroom, the main exit door is open, nobody is at home or that your relative may be out later than expected. You can also ask for an activity report that will show you the last few rooms your relative has been in and for how long. In a normal day no messages are sent, so there’s no information overload!

ARC Angel has been designed to recognise and alert the designated carer to the possibility of indicative health issues, hidden ambulatory difficulties or vulnerability problems. Virtually every eventuality has been taken into account and whilst you can change the alert settings to avoid repeated alerts under the same conditions it’s all been carefully pre-set for you to get up and running and we promise not to send you unnecessary alerts in the middle of the night!

Potential Emergency Alerts


We all have a tendency to panic at times, especially if there is an unexpected knock at the front door, and pressing the panic alarm button on the movement and door sensors sends an emergency alert immediately to the carer’s mobile phone. Most times, a quick return call is all that’s needed to give the reassurance required by your relative. It must not be relied upon as a life-saving device although the carer’s actions as a result of a warning message might well be.

System Alerts


All sensors self-check by reporting to the hub once per day regardless of whether or not they have been activated. Sensors are designed to conserve battery power, but when the time comes we’ll send a low battery alert to your mobile phone including the room location. An alert is also sent if the mains power is removed from the hub, but our reaction is delayed by a couple of minutes to avoid unnecessary concerns over momentary power cuts.

About Us


ARC Angel is the brainchild of Essex-based Arc Informatics Ltd, formed in 2012 to develop and market a new category of product in the growing Telecare market to assist middle-aged adults in caring for their aging parents and other loved ones.

It all started with a great idea from a dedicated team of proven entrepreneurs and inventors in the electronics sector, followed by more than a little hard work in terms of research, development and a commitment to bring the ARC Angel elderly person monitoring and alert system through to a leading position in the Telecare independent living sector to meet an ever-increasing need for those who care and require care to stay safe and stay put in their own homes.

Today, we are proud to bring ARC Angel direct to your doorstep bringing with it benefits which we sincerely hope will genuinely be of value to you and your loved ones.

Empathy, Understanding and Recognition for Carers


In common with most people we too can relate, either personally or anecdotally, to the problems facing the growing numbers of older and vulnerable people within our communities and recognise their overriding desire to remain in their own homes for as long as is safe and practical to do so. The role of family carers, female and male, has not always been properly acknowledged and is often taken for granted. In respecting the wishes of the older generation to retain their independence, we believe that ARC Angel is a non-intrusive proactive solution that will help extend that sought-after independence and bring with it peace of mind for relatives and carers alike.

Bespoke Monitoring Systems


We also believe that ARC Angel is likely to appeal to healthcare professionals and housing providers such as owners and wardens of sheltered accommodation who are looking to the increased application of technology to enhance their monitoring of residents and to be alerted earlier to potential problems. You are welcome to contact us to discuss your bespoke requirements.

Like us…let us know!


If you are delighted with ARC Angel please tell your friends about us. If you’re not satisfied tell us and we’ll do everything possible to put things right. Either way, we’d love to hear from you!

ARC Angel is solely an elderly person monitoring and alert system and is not directly linked to external agencies or the emergency services. It must not be relied upon as a life-saving device although the carer’s actions as a result of a warning message might well be. ARC Angel is designed and built in the UK, and in many cases still costs less than one week’s stay in a care home!

If you have any outstanding questions please call our UK-based Care Line on 01245 860252 9am-5pm Mon-Fri or email us at [email protected]

Design and Built in the UK
Age Action Alliance
UK Tele-Healthcare Member
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