Home Monitoring and Alert system to assist Independent Living

Suitable for the elderly, infirm, disabled and those with memory problems. ARC Angel is a monitoring and alert system that can be used either on a standalone basis or as part of an individual’s care package within the home to provide round-the-clock assurance for family members.

Without the need for cameras, pendants, bracelets or frequent checking of online charts it provides an automatic alert system in conjunction with only your mobile phone.

Warning alerts by text, such as going out at night or spending an unusually long time in any one room are delivered directly to your phone. Sending ‘Activity ?’ requests ARC Angel to reply with which room they are in now and how long they have been there, along with other recent movements around the home.

Helping people to stay in their own home for longer


In today’s busy and demanding world most of us have too many commitments or simply live just too far away from our mums or dads or an elderly relative to pop in as often as we would like. If that strikes a chord with you, then your loved one can now be discreetly monitored by our modern-day ‘guardian’ ARC Angel.

ARC Angel also recognises that in today’s social and economic landscape our mums, dads and elderly relatives are more determined than ever to stay in their own homes. At the same time, there is an ever-increasing pressure on health and social care provision generated by a growing senior population and concerns about the impact of care costs, levels of self-funding and potential depletion of their financial assets. Sometimes, it’s not only a case of looking after your loved one’s health and wellbeing, but also their financial best interests too!

ARC Angel allows your loved ones to retain their dignity by assisting them to live in the comfort of their own home, and continue their daily routines with their independence and privacy intact for as long as it is safe and practical to do so, in many cases for less than the cost of one week’s stay in a care home!

Just checking to see if you’re okay


ARC Angel is a premier caring solution to make life easier for you and your loved one just at a time in your own life when you need it most! We all feel a strong duty of care to look after our mums and dads and close relatives and often find ourselves ringing two or three times a day just to check if they are okay. With ARC Angel watching over them hour-by-hour those hurried calls or rushed visits can instead be replaced with quality time together when you really can find the time!

Independent Living with Peace of Mind


ARC Angel’s elderly person activity monitoring and alert system, including built-in panic alarm buttons, assists independent living for the elderly, infirm or disabled within the community and brings peace of mind for guardians and carers alike. ARC Angel is the easiest way to show that you really care about your loved ones at a stage of your life where you can’t be there as often as you would wish, and preserves that very same peace of mind even when you are away on business or holiday.

For many of our loved ones, particularly those with memory problems, such as Alzheimer’s, they can live in the familiarity of their own homes quite easily, but carers still need that peace of mind to know for sure that they are safe and sound. Knowing they are could just make that vital difference between your loved one going into care or continuing to live in their own home in familiar surroundings for as long as possible without changing their routines or lifestyle.

Non-intrusive and pet-friendly


ARC Angel is designed and built in the UK to an exceptionally high standard to provide a secure, reliable, trouble-free service over the life of its installation and is probably the ultimate proactive aid to assist independent living on the market today. Unique to ARC Angel, all movement and door sensors include a panic alarm button for an elderly person to press if a potential emergency arises, prompting the carer to decide what action to take, if any. ARC Angel is designed to be non-intrusive, pet-friendly and, of course, carer-friendly too!

How does ARC Angel work?


ARC Angel is an easy-to-use system to monitor and look for changes in normal daily activity of a single vulnerable person within a dwelling. ARC Angel monitors the home not the person, and can also detect the likelihood of a fall when that fall affects an elderly person’s normal routine. With no prying cameras or microphones, a combination of movement and door sensors placed in the most-used rooms link wirelessly to a mains-powered communications hub where its intelligent software automatically alerts a designated carer’s mobile phone via text to let them know if things are not quite as expected.

ARC Angel is programmed to recognise and send a friendly warning alert for indicative health issues including: getting up too late or very early to bed; a night’s sleep overly disturbed by bathroom visits; leaving the house at night or simply never going out; hidden ambulatory difficulties such as not leaving a room for an extended period for a bathroom break or to make a drink and vulnerability problems such as getting stuck in the bath; having unexpected late-night visitors or extremes of temperature in occupied rooms. If everything is okay, the carer can text the ARC Angel and change the alert settings to avoid repeated alerts under the same conditions. In a normal day no messages are sent, so there’s no information overload!

The movement and door sensors each include a panic alarm button for an elderly person to press just in case a potential emergency situation should arise. There is no local indication that an emergency alert has been sent and the carer doesn’t have to explain why they have called other than to have a chat! ARC Angel does not include a bracelet or pendant alarm and is considered to be more reliable in vulnerable situations such as in the bathroom where such items are often removed to a safe place.

No Internet connection is required nor are there any websites to check, activity graphs to monitor or call centre or social services involvement. Quite simply, the self-contained ARC Angel monitors your loved one quietly and discreetly 24 hours a day meaning you can dispense with the repeated “are you OK?” calls and instead call them for a meaningful chat at a time to suit you!

How to install ARC Angel


ARC Angel comes ready for easy self-installation without any professional help. Each standard package includes five wireless movement sensors and one wireless door sensor, mains-powered communications hub, batteries, fixing kit and a comprehensive printed User Guide that’ll have you up and running in no time at all!  The hub requires a three-pin socket but the movement and door sensors are battery operated. The unique single-piece door sensor, including a panic alarm button, can be mounted anywhere on the door and is suitable for most installations.

To get started you will also need to purchase a Pay As You Go SIM card for the hub from our preferred mobile network operator, or another operator of your choice if they offer better mobile phone coverage in the area of the dwelling being monitored. ARC Angel’s ready-to-go SIM card features an automatic top-up facility for your convenience and added peace of mind.

 The standard package includes enough sensors for a small 1-bedroom flat typically comprising Front Door, Hall, Lounge, Bathroom, Bedroom and Kitchen. For larger or more complex installations additional movement and door sensors are available to order from our options page. Each ARC Angel system can support up to eleven movement sensors and up to four separate door sensors.

What's included...

What’s included… Five Wireless Movement Sensors | One Wireless Door Sensor | One Hub

How much does ARC Angel cost?


ARC Angel costs just £779 for the standard package, and requires only a mobile phone network Pay As You Go SIM card for the hub to be up and running. Apart from the initial cost, the only ongoing costs are those of the standard rate alert text messages from the hub to the designated carer plus a monthly £3 premium rate text message to the manufacturer, which allows them to check that ARC Angel continues to operate correctly. Depending on the SIM card and calling package you opt for, we estimate it will cost on average somewhere between £5 and £10 a month to run.

There is a reduced cost for the standard package and options if the person you are caring for is eligible for VAT relief, so make sure you know if you can claim on their behalf.

How to Order ARC Angel?


We are confident that the ARC Angel elderly person monitoring system will bring you that much-needed reassurance and just deciding to install our system in your loved one’s home will in itself take a great weight off your mind.

If you already know that ARC Angel is tailor-made for you, we can send your standard package and options without delay. We only use rapid couriers and do not charge delivery to the UK mainland. Order now and ARC Angel will normally be with you from stock in two working days.

If you are still not sure, ring our UK-based Care Line on 01245 860252 9am-5pm Mon-Fri for that extra degree of reassurance that you are doing the right thing. Your call will be strictly confidential and will not be recorded for training purposes!

Design and Built in the UK
Age Action Alliance
UK Tele-Healthcare Member
SBD - Police Preferred Specification